Innersound's Magic-Hand

Innersound’s Magic-Hand opens up new sound dimensions for the handpan player. That is, the Magic-Hand can produce elongated tones. As a comparison, on the cello you can pluck short tones and the long notes are created with the bow.

This invention has something to do with magnetism. The Magic-Hand generates a magnetic field, which causes the tone to ring continuously. You hold the magic hand above a tone and it starts sounding. You can even vary the sound within the tone field. This is an invention by Martin Gronmeyer.

He tinkered and we build it. Whenever we met, the discussion was always about handpans and how to broaden the playing possibilities. At first there was the idea, then we had inductor coils produced for the magnetic core, and finally we had to make it smaller to make it easy to use.

Many Handpan players rub their finger over the dome of the ding in order to produce a longer tone. This is similar to how you make wine glasses “sing.” Even with this, the long tone does not resonate very long.

With Magic-Hands you can generate long, loud or soft sounds for minutes. Meanwhile, you can continue playing with the other hand, as you normally would. This creates the typical sound with the addition of background music or melodies consisting of long tones.

Innersound Magic-Hands Videos

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