Hello Manfred and Michaela, Sorry for the delay of my answer. I received your Hanpan almost 3 weeks ago. I want to thank you for this beautiful instrument! The sound is amazing! My 4 month son loves it, sometime he’s crying and I am playing to him, he always stop and carefully listen, this for more than half an hour, which is a lot for a baby :). All the family enjoy the sound and the peaceful wave coming from your instrument, I discovered that playing before going to bed is beneficial for everybody. Thank you very much! Charles X. - Customer from China

Hey guys, you know those unique moments where daily life melts away and someone looks at you curiously or sits next to you with a book or an ice cream. You know the wonderful feeling when someone smiles and says “beautiful” or “thank you” and appreciate when someone thanks you for what you are doing (and doing with love). You know the trance, the meditation, the dimensions and the resonances. You know the journey. Thanks for this instrument. Daniel- customer from Germany