Innersound Engelszungen

Engelszungen means Angel Tongues. Since the original Handpans were neither easy to get nor that easy to make, resourceful people began to saw thick tongue-like prongs in gas tanks that also made a sound.

Meanwhile, the Tonguedrums have found a permanent place among the metal sound instruments. However, many of them are made of plain sheet metal and therefore do not sound good.

We do not build our Engelszungen out of gas tanks. Instead, we bend new shapes out of 2 mm thick stainless steel. Two half-shells are made which are then welded together. The tongues are slotted to create overtones in addition to the fundamental tone. The instrument has oak leaves as sound tongues and is 400 mm in diameter. There are seven tones, which are all made in an oak leaf shape.

We arrange the pitches in the same way that we arrange them on our Innersound handpans. This has the advantage that you can play the same melodies that you have invented on the Handpan on the angelic tongues / oak leaves, and vice versa. The sound is wonderfully clear and long lasting.

The Engelszung is a beautiful addition to the Innersound Handpan. The Engelszung is a beautiful addition to the Innersound Handpan. Please have a look at the sound examples found on YouTube by entering “Innersound Engelszungen” or “Innersound Eichenblatt”.

Innersound Engelszungen / Eichenblatt

Price: 1.250,- €*

Includes case

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